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Is Tattoo Vault For Me?

Tattoo Vault isn’t for everyone. Tattoo artists love Tattoo Vault because it’s a quick and easy resource that provides designs which are easily viewed on a mobile, tablet, or laptop. Many of our members aren’t artists at all. They love having access...

Why Should I Subscribe?

Our members access thousands of designs and prints helpful for finding inspiration. And unlike other tattoo sites, we’re constantly adding / sorting new designs. Not only that, but we’re adding and testing new features all the time. Do you have a feature...

Can I Get A Refund

Refunds are easy. Members can easily find the cancel link in our members area. Send us your cancel message and check the refund box. If your membership is less than 30 days from your purchase date, we’ll gladly refund your card in full.

Can I Use My Phone Or Tablet?

Absolutely! Our members area was created to be mobile friendly. It’s been fully optimized to load quickly for all our members. In fact, many of our tattoo artist members use their phone or tablet to show their client a design from their mobile device.